Season Structure

Regular Season

  • First two (2) matches will be predetermined.
  • All following matches will be determined by MMR rating with priority given to avoid rematches.
  • Cut Offs
    • Teams joining after Cycle Three (3) will be ineligible for post-season play.
    • Players on a team’s roster at some point during the current season are not allowed to switch to/join another team after Cycle Three (3). New players are allowed to join up until the end of Cycle Three (3).


  • The playoffs will consist of 8 teams:
    • The top 6 teams in RP
    • The 2 finalists of the Wildcard Tournament
  • Rank Point ties between teams will be broken by winner of the head-to-head match-up and then by MMR, if necessary.
  • Seeding for the playoffs will be MMR based.

Wildcard Tournament

The Wildcard Tournament is a single elimination opt-in tournament for all teams that did not qualify for the playoffs based off their RP.

Tournament match rules will be the same as regular season match rules.

An even number of teams is necessary for this tournament. If there is an odd number of entrants into the tournament, the team to join the league last will not be eligible. If multiple teams joined during the same cycle, the team with the lowest MMR will not be eligible.

Season 2

Regular Season

January 10th through March 28th 2021

New Player / New Team / Team Switching Cut Off

February 21st


April 10th & 11th


April 17th


April 24th

All-Star & Awards voting begins

March 29th – April 4th

All-Stars Games & Award Ceremony

May 1st & 2nd