Season Structure

Season 3

Regular Season

July 8th through September 26th 2021

Roster Lock

August 15th @ 11:59pm PT


1st – 3rd


8th – 10th


15th – 17th


29th – 31st

All-Star & Awards voting begins

September 27th – October 7th

All-Stars Games & Award Ceremony

November 6th & 7th

Regular Season

  1. Initial team placements will be based on MMR from the previous season.
  2. Consists of six (6) two (2) week cycles containing two (2) matches each cycle.


  1. The Playoffs will consist of eight (8) teams:
    • The top six (6) seeds will be based off of MMR.
    • The final two (2) seeds will be filled from the Wildcard Tournament
  2. MMR ties between teams will be broken by winner of the head-to-head match-up, then by the average of the teams’ top five players’ MMR.

Wildcard Tournament

This tournament will involve the seventh (7th) through tenth (10th) seeds based off of MMR.

  • 7th vs 8th seed winner will advanced to the 7th seed in the Playoffs.
  • 9th vs 10th seed winner will face the loser from the 7th vs 8th seed game and winner from that game will advance to the 8th seed in the Playoffs.

Tournament match rules will typically follow regular season match rules except mutators may be applied.

Season 3 – Town Hall Recordings

July 8th, 2021 – Town Hall Rules Review