Match Casters and Commentators

  1. Live Match Casting
    1. To live cast a Dash League (DL) match, a person must have received login credentials to the Dash League Network (DLN) YouTube channel to become a league sanctioned caster.
      1. DL matches may only be cast to DLN.
      2. Casters and commentators must host the live stream in a DL Discord voice channel and are not allowed to be in any other voice channels in any other servers while live casting.
    2. Casters designated as lead casters have proven their efficiency as a caster and have the right to take match cast duties for a match any non-lead caster picks up.
    3. Casters must claim the matches they intend to stream on the team up calendar on this website at least two (2) hours before match time.
      1. Teams cannot refuse to have their match streamed when a sanctioned caster has claimed the match on the calendar at least two (2) hours before match time.
      2. If less than two (2) hours before match time and no caster has yet claimed a match on the calendar
        1. Captains will be responsible for hosting the match server and creating the password, unless a caster becomes available and captains wish to relinquish these duties.
        2. If a caster becomes available
          1. they must contact team captains to alert them of their availability and to receive match server and password details.
          2. After match details are obtained, the caster must then claim the match on the team up calendar.
          3. If captains are not responsive, a caster should reach out to other players on the teams for help with reaching captains.
          4. If neither team has time to coordinate with a caster or can’t be reached and the match is not cast, this will not be considered cast dodging.
      3. A live caster is responsible for starting a match server.
        1. Casters must deliver the server password to be used during the match to each team’s captains at the time they claim the match on the calendar.
        2. The caster and captains must not give this password to anyone else until game day, at which point captains may only give the password to their team.
        3. Casters may open a match server as early as they need to begin setting up their stream, but should not go live on the stream or start their intro until actual match time.
        4. Teams may begin joining the server as soon as the server appears, but the match must not start until the caster has finished their intro and gives the teams the green light to begin the match.
      4. For communication purposes, captains and casters must send and accept friend invites on Discord and cannot block each other.
  2. Live Match Commentary
    1. Commentators typically have the commentator role in the DL or DL Crew servers and may be pinged by casters to check for commentator availability.
      1. Match commentators should focus the discussion on the match at hand rather than random topics that distract from the match.
      2. Match commentators are not allowed to intentionally be insulting or disparaging to any players or teams, but may give honest commentary as to a player’s or team’s performance.
      3. Match commentators should strive to hide any biased team preference in their commentary.
    2. Who is allowed in a match cast booth
      1. A max of 4 people are allowed in a match commentary booth, including the caster, unless otherwise authorized by a Board member.
      2. A member of a team playing in the match being casted is not allowed to be in a match booth while match play is in progress, but may join the booth for interviews or discussion at times when match play is not in progress, such as for pre-game or post-game interviews.
      3. If they so choose, casters may allow people interested in commentating to commentate in their stream even if they do not have the commentary role.
      4. Any person banned from the DL Discord is not permitted to commentate a DL match.