A Statement on the Rules

It is the responsibility of the Board to provide and enforce the rules. It is the responsibility of all league competitors to read and abide by the rules. Captains are responsible for their teammates and will be held accountable for repeated rule-breaking offenses if they cannot prove they have made sufficient efforts to correct this behavior.

Competitors needing rule explanations or clarifications should reach out to a Board member via Discord DM or in the Dash League Discord server to have their questions answered. Not reading/remembering/understanding the rules will not be a sufficient argument against penalties when one is caught breaking the rules.

It is not the Board’s responsibility to remind competitors of the rules; only to provide them. The Board may not be able and cannot be expected to intervene in real-time in all instances a ruling is needed for active unprecedented, uncommon or rule-breaking scenarios. Unprecedented or uncommon situations may lead to new rules being written and applied immediately. Rule violations that are not discovered in real time may still lead to penalties being applied once discovered.


  1. A whistleblower exposing rule breaking behaviors is not to be retaliated against, or those who retaliate will receive severe penalization.
  2. Teams recruiting banned players under new aliases will have their captains suspended for the season and team possibly disqualified for the season and the banned player will remain banned. Captains can avoid this punishment by vetting and their recruits and avoiding new recruits that don’t speak or use voice modulators.
  3. 3rd Party communication systems are permitted.
  4. After receiving the ready signal from a drone in a live streamed match, visible spectator drones should be toggled off in game settings to avoid being distracted by the drone in game. Complaints of drone distraction will not be considered.
  5. Keep all match spoilers contained to the #gg-and-spoilers channel for 24 hours after the start of the match.
  6. Accusations of cheating should only be made to the League Commissioners and Triangle Factory developers and only with evidence. If claims are made publicly or evidence is faked, those involved may face penalties.
  7. A player serving a one (1) game suspension must serve that suspension against their highest ranked opponent left in the current cycle.
  8. Dash League has the rights to use team logos for use in casting, marketing and merchandizing.