Competitors, Teams and Names


  1. Competitors must register on the website and be listed on their team’s website roster in order to be eligible to play in matches.
  2. Competitors must use their official rostered team tag and name during matches and in the Dash League discord server.
    1. Each competitor may have one (1) clan tag at the end of their name in the Dash League discord server.
  3. A competitor may only be rostered on one (1) league team at a time.
  4. Competitors must register their Gamer ID on their account page on the website.
    1. Competitors may register a second Gamer ID.
      1. Competitors registering a second Gamer ID must inform the Board and must join a Board member in a lobby for dual Gamer ID verification.


  1. Teams must
    1. Register on the website to be official.
      1. The registration or attempted registration of a fake roster will lead to game(s) suspensions for all individuals involved and the disqualification for obtaining captain privileges in the future.
    2. Declare their preferred server region.
  2. Team Roster and Roster Lock:
    1. Teams may have up to two (2) Captains, must have at least one (1)
    2. A roster of five (5) to twelve (12) competitors including captains and at least seven (7) competitors rostered at season start.
      1. Captains must manage the roster via the website up until the roster lock date.
      2. All roster changes made on the website must also be notified via #roster-changes in the Dash League discord server.
    3. New Competitor(s) are allowed to join up until the roster lock and are eligible to participate in matches 24 hours after notification in #roster-changes.
      1. A team at sufficient risk of disbanding may appeal to the Board for approval to recruit a new competitor after the roster lock, if this will save the team from disbanding.
    4. Current Competitor(s) are allowed to switch teams up until the roster lock but must sit out their new team’s next match.
    5. A team that loses multiple competitors to other teams during the last week before roster lock will have their team’s personal roster lock extended one (1) more week, during which time the team is allowed to roster one (1) additional competitor by means of accepting a recruit request from another competitor or pub player or poaching from another team.
      1. A team poached from during the roster lock extension will not be allowed to have their roster lock also extended. Just as a team must lose multiple competitors to qualify for a roster lock extension, the league’s stance is all teams should be durable enough to lose one competitor and still survive in the league.
      2. In the case of multiple teams qualifying for a roster lock extensions, these teams may not poach from the same team. Once a competitor is poached from a team in the roster lock extension period, they may not have a second competitor poached.

Naming Standards

  1. A Competitor’s name must not consist of only symbols or scrambled letters that do not evoke an easy to recognize call sign.
  2. Competitor names, team names, and team tags are not allowed if they are offensive or are copies of, trolls of, or are purposefully similar to existing player/team names or team tags.
  3. Previously used team names and team tags may not be used again with out an original founder resurrecting and captaining the team.
  4. Name changes must be requested via the website and #roster-changes Discord channel and are only accepted during the off season and limited to one change per competitor per off season.
  5. The Board reserves the right to require any player or team to change their name in accordance with these rules, policies, and personal conduct. Players that do not comply will face suspension or expulsion from the league.