Compensated Players

Team Player(s) Sponsor Compensation Term Requirements
BNDT texastoast SageBirdie $9.99 on gifted nitro All of season 5 texastoast agrees that he will stay committed to playing all of season 5 rostered with BNDT.
BSRK Cream Jaded $35 per regular season game played + 20$ per playoff game End of S6 show up with rostered name warmed up to play
DARK Venom $75 I lost a bet and had to pay up there is no term none, don’t annoy me about being right smh.
ENVY Cream VR Direct AU $300 The length of season 5 be a good team mate
ENVY Nogl, Fractor, Rusty, GTF, Vani Nogl: $100/month | Rusty: Spotify Premium | Fractor: Discord Nitro | Vani: Games valued around $100 total | GTF: Homework help valued at $1500 Nogl: for the duration of his coding class | Rusty: until I cancel it | Fractor: Indefinite | Vani: non-current | GTF: non-current Nogl: Remain enrolled in coding class and attend it | Rusty: Do nothing | Fractor: Run and upkeep the Quadd Fan Service Server (his creation not mine) | Vani: non-current | GTF: non-current
ENVY Evil Pancake VR Direct AU 1 valve index season 5- season 6 be a good teammate
ENVY Naz and jedi I traded Naz an index for two used quest 2’s no term naz is to send me his two Quest 2’s
M0ST dolphi, 505, Richard09dada, DERPinic BottomFeeder aka Jessie Dean 505 is getting a flat $120 for the season to play. dolphi, Richard09dada, and DERPinic are all getting $20 a game for every game they suit up in. All 4 of them are getting paid $30 a game for every playoff game they suit up in All of Season 5 of dash league 505 his requirement is to be on the team. dolphi, Richard09dada, and DERPinic are all going to be paid on a case by case basis if they play in each league match.
M0ST toM and Usasuki BottomFeeder/Kumquat toM is receiving $25 a game for each game he plays in abd $35 a game for every playoff game he suits up in. I already filled out a form for Usasuki paying him a lump sum payment of $120 for the entire season. I made that deal with him before I got my bearings down on how much I should compensate sponsored players. I’m going to pay Usasuki an additional $120 at the end of the season in a lump sum payment to make what he is receiving on par with the most of the rest of the players on the team. He’s been a good kid this season and has done everything that the team needed from him. I didn’t feel like it was right having him get half the compensation as other players. So with this additional $120 at the end of the season it will bring Usasuki’s season total earnings from sponsorship from $120 to $240. Season 5 only For toM, he has to play in a game to get paid for that game. Usasuki is retained for the season for his compensation.
M0ST QuessX Kumquat $30 per game for every regular season match he plays and $40 per game for each playoff game he plays Season 5 Play in a game to get paid for it
M0ST Izzy or Bart Kumquat $30 a game for every regular season game that she suits up and plays in and $40 a game for every playoff game she plays in. Season 5 Play a game to get paid for that game.
TEAM PYri MaxDefense 1 External Battery Pack 1 game Continue playing a single match
TEAM team Speed (SleepyGabe#1558) LaClaire Oculus Quest 2 equivalent to £399. Quest 2 was purchased and mailed to him. Season 5- end of Season 6. Speed is required to play for Team through the end of Season 6 and practice on his new quest 2 and show up for practices when applicable.
THVS Joyous Arty $25 gift card to get an external battery Season 5 Remain on THVS for the season
UNSC UNSC Havoc Social Media and Discounts on items Until we retire from playing Sportmanship
ZT razmataz Adrain Veidt Breachers key none be cool
ZT Freac A Veidt, LLC 120 One season Recite the abcs
ZT ZT rexac and sirvoid i will be forfeiting any prize money i WIN to one or more of the other players if we do win anything at all (hopefully), i am not sure about sirvoid as yet but there are no contracts and it was not a benefit provided to them when recruiting so this is only advanced notice, and we do be giving nitro and controller grips and potentially helping fund headsets and potentially headstraps for teammates that need it if necessary , so far only grips and nitro has been given, and a few amazon vouchers i believe i am not certain Season 5 No obligation no contracts , its a precautionary decision in case of emergency that will be delivered on if necessary
guh Drag0n Shout $25 for Deep Rock Galactic No term Rock and stone to the bone!

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