MMR System

What is MMR

MMR, or matchmaking rating, is a numerical score that denotes a team’s rank. To ensure competitive integrity, matches are made between teams of similar rank. A team’s MMR will dictate where they belong in the League standings and who their potential opponents may be. MMR builds continuously throughout the season as teams compete. To ensure fair competition and to prevent manipulation, the MMR calculation method is not made public.

Player MMR

Players start each season with the same base level MMR. Players gain MMR by competing in matches. The amount of MMR a player gains depends on player performance and the strength of their opponent, and whether a player performed better than, worse than or as expected.

Team MMR

Teams gain MMR after every match played in two ways. Player MMR gains accumulated in each map of the match are used to determine team MMR gain, as well as wins. Each map win gains a team a fixed win bonus. The fixed win bonus is the largest portion of MMR gains during a match.

Manipulating/Farming MMR

The only acceptable way for teams and players to manipulate the MMR system is by playing to the best of their abilities to defeat their opponent as soundly as possible. Teams that are proven to be making efforts to manipulate the MMR outcomes of a match by any other means, such as throwing a portion of a map or by not pursuing dominance on game based objectives, faces forfeiture and possibly suspensions or banishment for the team and its players