Match Scheduling and Terms

  1. Match-ups
    1. Teams are placed into tiers according to their MMR and may only be matched up against teams within their tier via random method.
      1. Match-ups will be announced on the day before the next Cycle.
    2. Teams will be given two (2) opponents to play per Cycle.
      1. A match not played within the cycle is either a single or double forfeit.
        1. A single forfeit occurs either when one team is unable to schedule a time to bring five (5) players to a match, a time is scheduled but one team does not bring five (5) players at match time, or one team can provide documented effort that they tried to schedule a match but their opponent did not make adequate effort to schedule a match.
        2. A double forfeit occurs when both teams are mutually at fault for a match not taking place because they equally have or equally have not made adequate effort to get a match completed during the cycle.
        3. If a match has been placed on the calendar and a team is no longer able to play on the scheduled date, they may ask for a reschedule. Their opponent is not obligated to reschedule. If the opponent allows a reschedule, they can no longer be held accountable for a forfeit in the case the match does not get played.
      2. A team that forfeits will receive the equivalent of the largest Seed Rank loss in the league that cycle.
      3. Teams forfeiting more than once before the mid-point of the season or more than once after the mid-point of the season will be removed from competition for the season.
    3. Upon a rematch, teams cannot play the same Payload or Domination map they played previously.
  2. Match Terms
    1. The maps to be played each cycle are predetermined.
      1. (C1) Canyon/Waterway, (C2) Launchpad/Quarry, (C3) Abyss/Waterway, (C4) Canyon/Quarry, (C5) Launchpad/Waterway, (C6) Abyss/Quarry.
    2. Server passwords may only be up to 4 characters long.
    3. Captains must negotiate
      1. The time and date the match will be played.
      2. Whether to use home servers or a compromise server (see #3 Match-Eligible Servers).
    4. Order of maps
      1. Every match requires one Payload and one Domination map to be played. Payload and Domination are always played before Control Point, as the need for Control Point is not determined before Payload and Domination are completed.
      2. Either Payload or Domination may be played first. The team with the higher seed ranking may choose which of the two game types to play first. If no choice is made, the order defaults to Payload before Domination.
    5. Team colors and home server map choice
      1. When using a single compromise server
        1. The team with the higher seed ranking gets first choice of which color they want for either Payload or Domination, and their opponent gets color choice for the other.
      2. When using home servers
        1. The team with the lower seed ranking gets first choice of which color they want for either Payload or Domination, and their opponent gets color choice for the other.
        2. The team with the higher seed ranking chooses whether to play Payload or Domination on their home server.
  3. Match-Eligible Servers
    1. All teams must declare, on their team account page on the website, two ideal server regions that best fit their team’s need by way of best pings to be their home servers.
    2. A server region may be considered ideal if
      1. A team can field at least 3 of their 5 players in that region during a match.
      2. The region is geographically between and provides as close to an equal ping as is possible to players on the extreme ends of the team’s geographical spread or their most heavily populated East and West regions.
    3. Teams may opt to play a map apiece in each of the teams’ home server of choice or play all maps on a single compromise server the teams determine provides the best pings for the players both teams intend to play in the match.
      1. Teams must use the declared home server region that provides the best overall ping or the best ping compromise for the players they play at game time for the maps they have server choice on.
        1. A team must inform their opponent at least 24 hours before match time if their match roster has changed in a way requiring the use of a different home server. If given less than 24 hours notice or no notice, this team’s opponent may refuse the home server change.
      2. When a tie breaker is necessary and using home servers, one Control Point will be played in each team’s home server (see Match Play #1.2.), otherwise only one Control Point is necessary when playing on a single compromise server.
    4. If both the agreed upon match server and its backup are unavailable for any reason, the competing teams have the following options
      1. Delay or reschedule the match within the same cycle
      2. In a home server scenario, the adjacent server region geographically closer to the opponent may be used. Example: US and EU teams are competing – US home server Dallas/Iowa are unavailable – adjacent servers are San Jose/Oregon or New York/Washington/N. Carolina – New York/Washington/N. Carolina must be used because they are closer to the opponent.
      3. A compromise server with as close to an even ping distribution between them as is possible may be used.
    5. Server Abuse Penalties
      1. Teams picking ideal server regions that do not fit the criteria ( see 3.1.1.) will be required to make better selections.
      2. Teams/players attempting to make false declarations of their location in order to manipulate their team’s ideal server region choice will face suspension.
      3. Teams/players lying to their opponent about their player’s locations to avoid changing home servers when their opponent has correctly deemed their other home server region more appropriate will forfeit the map.
  4. The Dash League Bot may be used to facilitate decision making when an agreement can’t be reached.
  5. League matches must be announced on the league calendar at least 24 hours before the match is to take place and must state both team’s names and maps.