Match Scheduling

  1. Match-ups will be determined by MMR on the day before the next Cycle.
  2. Teams will be given two (2) opponents at a time to play within the following Cycle.
  3. Any matches not completed during their designated timeframe will be considered as double forfeits, unless there is documented effort by only one (1) team in which case it will result in a single forfeit for the opposing team.
    1. Teams that forfeit multiple times due to not fielding enough competitors at match time will be considered for removal from the league until the attendance problem is resolved.
  4. Captains shall mutually decide servers, maps and starting colors.
    1. The Dash League Bot may be used to facilitate decision making when an agreement can’t be reached.
  5. League matches must be booked at least 24 hours before the match is to take place on the league calendar and must state both team’s names.
    1. You must still list your match on the League calendar if you are booking the Hyper Dash private servers.