• It is the responsibility of all league competitors to read and understand the rules. It is not the Board’s responsibility to constantly remind competitors of the rules or to intervene in the course of a live stream to set a situation right in real time. Rule violations that are not discovered until after matches are complete will still receive retroactively applied penalties.
  • In the scenario a Board member does decide to make a decision in real time, those decisions are to be followed at that time and may be reversed later, if necessary, due to the nature of being put in a situation where an immediate decision needs to be made on an issue that may not have been specifically accounted for in the rules already, or if the rules were misinterpreted.
  • 3rd Party communication systems are permitted.
  • The use of any and all gun stocks are allowed.
  • After receiving the ready signal from a drone in a live streamed match, visible spectator drones should be toggled off in game settings to avoid being distracted by the drone in game. Complaints of drone distraction will not be considered.
  • Keep all match spoilers contained to the #live-cast-spoilers channel for 24 hours after the start of the match.