Match Scheduling [v2]

  1. Matchups
    1. Teams will be assigned two (2) opponents from their tier to play within the following cycle.
    2. Match-ups will be randomized within tiers.
    3. Repeated matches-ups:
      1. A pair of teams will not be re-matched more than once if it can be avoided.
      2. A match-up will not be repeated in consecutive cycles.
      3. When re-matched you must play the domination and payload map you didn’t play that team previously.
  2. Match Parameters Negotiations
    1. Captains shall mutually decide servers, maps and starting colors. All items can be negotiated, unless stated otherwise below.
      1. The Dash League Bot may be used to facilitate decision making when an agreement can’t be reached.
    2. Custom Servers:
      1. Are allowed;
      2. Server locations that are not in or between both teams’ declared ideal server location are not allowed.
        1. If the first map is played on a team’s declared ideal server then the second map must be played on the other team’s declared ideal server.
        2. The tie breaker server location may still be negotiated.
    3. Both teams must pick one team to announce the match.
  3. Match Calendar

    The team announcing the match is responsible for posting and updating the match with their team’s teamup link.
    1. New Match
      1. The title format required: TEAM NAME vs TEAM NAME
      2. If announced less than 24 hours before the match you must make efforts to secure a caster. To do so ping @Casting/@Casting Backup roles in the Dash League server.
    2. Forfeiting
      1. To forfeit a match the team who announced the original match must update said match’s status to “forfeit” and announce the forfeit in #match-archive.
      2. If a caster has picked up your match you must ping them when you post in #match-archive.
    3. Rescheduling
      1. A match can be rescheduled as many times within a cycle as mutually agreed by both teams.
      2. To reschedule a match the team who announced the original match must update said match’s status to “rescheduled” then create a new match per rule 3.1.
        1. If a caster has claimed your match you must notify the caster immediately of the change in #match-schedule.
      3. If a reschedule is agreed upon instead of one team accepting a forfeit, both teams are still capable of forfeiting the rescheduled match per 3.2.
  4. Forfeits and Caveats
    1. The opponent of a team that is unable to field at least four (4) players is entitled to a forfeit.
      1. The opponent may accept a reschedule but are under no obligation to do so.
    2. If both teams are unable to field at least four (4) players then both teams will forfeit the match unless they mutually decide to reschedule the match.
    3. To avoid a forfeit teams may play with four (4) players only in the event they are not able to field enough competitors at the time of the match.
      1. If one team can field five (5) players they may opt to play 4v4 but are not required to do so.
        1. Any map that starts 4v4 must continue and finish 4v4.
        2. Before the start of the next map a team who dropped down to four (4) players may opt-out of playing 4v4 and continue playing 5v4.
          1. Any map that starts 5v4 can finish 5v5.
      2. Teams found to be taking advantage of this rule will be disqualified from the playoffs.
    4. Any matches not completed during their designated timeframe will be considered for forfeit.
      1. A team may present evidence of their efforts to schedule the match which will be considered when imposing forfeits.
    5. Teams that forfeit multiple times due to not fielding enough competitors at match time will be considered for removal from the current season.