Last Updated on 09/15/2020 @ 11:10am PT


  • Hyper Dash uses to book their Private Servers.
    • You can only book these servers by going to
    • If you book one of these servers for an official league match you must still add the match to the Dash League calendar below.
  • Dash League uses to book Private League Servers and to announce official league matches.
    • You can only book these servers by using your team’s schedule link (click here to request).
    • You can book these servers for: Matches and Practice & Scrimmages
    • If you book a Hyper Dash server for an official match you must still use your team’s schedule link to announce the match on the Dash League calendar.

Additional Notes:

Your link lets you request server time in increments of fifteen (15) minutes and is a first come first serve basis for official matches. We ask that you do not request a booking of more than 1 hour and 30 minutes for matches & scrimmages and two (2) hours for practices.

Your team’s schedule link will show you all current (within the last 7 hours) bookings for the Hyper Dash Private Servers so you can see all of the private servers that have been booked at any given time. These servers show up as grey because they are not directly bookable from your team’s link. If you decide to book a Hyper Dash Private Server you must still use your team’s link to announce your match.

Official Matches

League matches must be booked at least 24 hours before the match is to take place using your team’s link and must state both team’s names.

If you are competing against an international team you may select both servers for your booking if you intend to split up your maps.

Practices & Scrimmages

This system may also be used to request time for scrimmages and team practices but they are not guaranteed. If other teams are looking to book an official match and your time slot that you reserved is the only time they can play you will be asked to reschedule.

Server Password

Please note that you will need to request the server password from a Board Member the day of your booking. We will do our best to get you the password before hand but it is your responsibility to ask.

Board Members to ping in order of best response: Styledev, Gatsby, Lateralus, Mr V, F@head, Jaxxs.

When we receive the request we will send the link to your team’s captains.

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